Our Ministry Staff

As of March 19, 2018, Pastor Molly has moved on to minister at Bay Shore Lutheran Church. We wish her well as we await the Synod’s appointment of our next pastor.  In the meantime, we are being served every week by various pastors who are each bringing us a fresh breath of God’s Word.

Pastor Molly Doreza

Pastor Molly Doreza is Lead Pastor, joining us in 2010.  She holds a B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus College and M.Div. from Nashotah House Seminary.  Over the twenty three years of her ministry, she has served four congregations.

“I love pastoral ministry!” she says.  “The world has changed – dramatically – since I was ordained.  Leadership needs to be resilient and adaptive of 21st century dynamics.  I am proud to be serving a vibrant and welcoming congregation which is led by the Spirit and is developing new ways of sharing Jesus Christ.”

President Shari Higgins [email protected]
VP Finance Marty Johnson [email protected]
VP Personnel Open Could be You
Personnel Deb Fredlund [email protected]
Treasurer Debby Plehn [email protected]
Office Manager Debbie Rush [email protected]
Youth Director Shari Higgins [email protected]
Education Director Kay Johnson [email protected]
Senior Ministry Deb Teresinski [email protected]
Secretary Deb Fredlund [email protected]
Hospitality Annette Coenen [email protected]
Stewardship Open Could be You
Trust Marilyn Ottum [email protected]
Worship & Music Judy Nunnemacher [email protected]
Emergency Contact Shari Higgins 262-547-7872
Emergency Contact Marty Johnson 414-333-5747
Emergency Contact Debby Plehn 262-363-4229