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Welcome to Vernon Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mukwonago WI,
A message from Pastor Patterson,
I am thankful to God, working through the Synod and VELC’s Executive Committee, to have the opportunity to serve as the Interim Pastor at Vernon Lutheran Church.
During my 33 years of ordained ministry, I have served two rural congregations in Illinois, and had the privilege to plant a new ELCA congregation. I have also served at Luther Manor, a Wauwatosa Senior Living Community, as the Director of Pastoral Care; at hospices in Lake Geneva and Milwaukee as Spiritual Care Coordinator; and at two congregations as their interim Pastor.
Barb, my wife of 36 years, recently retired from her career as an Intensive Care Nurse. We have three children, who are all serving  in the medical field. The joy of our lives are our six grandchildren, whom we see often.
My hope for the interim will be to strengthen the ministry and mission of Vernon Lutheran Church by:
* Providing Word and Sacrament ministry that is focused on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus;
* Celebrating VELC’s living legacy of faithful Pastors and dedicated members;
* Thanking those who have gone the extra mile during this time of transition;
* Listening to the concerns and hopes of members;
* Helping evaluate the programs offered here;
* Taking a pause to reflect, pray, affirm, and be renewed to meet the challenges and opportunities that God places before this fellowship of believers.
Together we can accomplish great things in Christ!
Pastor Dave Patterson
Pastor David Patterson [email protected]
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