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If you’re unable to come and worship with us, we’ve uploaded our sermons for you to enjoy anytime. Join us when you can during one of our many events – check out “what’s happening” by clicking on the link to our calendar below.

Every Sunday: 8:15 am and 10:15 am

Summer Worship: 9:15 am

Sermons will be posted by the following Tuesday.

What’s Happening

Recent Sermons

How can I Clear the Way???

How can we "Clear the Way" ? How will we have an "Open Heart to Promise" ?? How do we

Watch & Wait! Pay Attention!! Don’t Miss It!!!

During the 2nd Coming of Christ... "A number of them fall like stars from heaven down to earth, as late figs

Have a Hungry Heart??? There’s Hope for the Hopeless…

How to deal with a Hungry Heart... Hope to a Place that can be so Hopeless... 11/26/17 Message: Today's Message is

Do I Wait & Worry or Live & Love???

Do you Worry and Wait or Live and Love? How are we to act among the destruction?? What does God's

Will you be prepared? Don’t get caught napping…

Be Prepared... "We know not the Hour nor the Day" For the coming of our Lord 11/12/17 Message: Today's Message is

What are Beautitudes and What can they do for Me???

What are the NINE Beautitudes? What are the MODERN Beautitudes?? How can I apply these Beautitudes to my Everyday Life???

Do you need help opening doors? How to become free…

Continuing in the Word of Martin Luther Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Congratulations to those who have been

To Kneel or To Stand???

Should we kneel or should we stand? Should we pay our taxes or shouldn't we? Do these questions even matter?

What Are You Afraid Of? Do You Fear the Truth??

Fears of Realities...Can You See the Truth? What Type of Robe do You Wear to Show the World Who You

Who will be your Cornerstone?

Let it be "Christ and His Love..." "Dangerous Dealings" This is One Message from a Three Part Series (click the titles

Who will occupy your vineyard???

"Let it be Love..." "Life at the Crossroads" This is One Message from a Three Part Series (click the titles

What would fairness of pay look like in the Kingdom of Heaven?

A People Centered Economy... 9/17/17 Message: Today's Message is delivered by our very own Pastor Molly (Partially taken from "Left Behind and

How can I forgive??? They’ve done me wrong…

Forgive the 77...Not the 7... 9/17/17 Message: Today's Message is delivered by our very own Pastor Molly... Traditional Service:

Patanumbe Sunday is Finally Here!!!

Patanumbe Sunday!!! 9/10/17 Message: Today's Message is delivered by our very special guest, Pastor Zakayo Pallangyo, of Patanumbe Parish,  Southern District, in Tanzania, Africa.

Things are Going to Change NOW!

Things are Going to Change NOW! 9/3/17 Message: Today's Message is delivered by Pastor Mark Thompson Due to technical difficulties beyond our

Do You have a False Identity?

Who am I? False Identity's vs. Greatness... Our Perceptions of Ourselves & Others... Acceptance, Grace, Love & Forgiveness... 8/27/17 Message: Today's

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