Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is one the top pediatric hospitals which reaches 200,000 children each year. It is the largest social service organization in the state which is top ranked within the smallest market (Southeast Wisconsin). There are 500 pediatric trained doctors on staff. Children’s Hospital has been part of our community for 120 years and initially was started by volunteers who cared about the fact that sick kids should not be treated like adults. Some 60,000 kids are admitted to the emergency room each year. Approximately 12,000 surgeries are performed each year. They provide foster care and adoption services in addition to child welfare and child advocacy services. They have also partnered with the Medical College of Wisconsin and Sojourner House. Donors play a large part in their success. Only 50% of the patients are covered by private insurance. The only way to sustain is by philanthropy support from the community. Children are our future. We need to protect them and their rights as patients and contributing members of our society. Patience, a youth member of our church, who has a young family member that has been touched by the care and concern of Children’s Hospital and who has expressed a passion for this mission, will be making bracelets in support of this mission. Please stop by her table in the Narthex at Vernon starting on January 3rd, 2016 and through the rest of January to buy a bracelet or donate to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of our supporters and all of Patience hard work, over $2000 was donated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin! Thank you for all your help!!!