Pastor Molly’s Thoughts. . .


“Why change things, again?”

This little question seems to come up more than any other in the life of the church.

The answer is simple:  because we want to do things BETTER!”

This fall we are changing our Sunday morning schedule – again.  After trial and error last year, we’ve decided that there is a better way to do things, to encourage all of our core values on this special day:

                8:15 – 9 am         Traditional Worship

                9:15-10:15 am    Faith Formation Hour

                10:15-11 am        Cornerstone Worship

The “better” in this new schedule allows for:

Effective Morning          A compact and effective morning.    There was a little “give and take” for the better. (The Traditional Service will be 15 minutes earlier and the Cornerstone Service 15 minutes later.)  This allows for a full hour in between both for ongoing adult education and connection.  Additionally, our worship will be more compactly vibrant, 45 minutes for each service!  People can get home sooner and experience the restfulness of the Sabbath with their family!

Other Windows                An opportunity to make meaningful connections between the early and late services.  The adult study hour encourages our core values of meaningful relationship and faith formation.  The redesign of our schedule will allow folks who attend either service to connect and share in study and build new friendships!

                Creative and new ways to lift up Together Bibleintergenerational study and worship.  On the “Third Sundays” parents will have the opportunity to get together during the Faith Formation hour for parenting discussion/classes.  There will be a nursery during that time, and their older children will participate with teens in fun, games and learning!  This will also be “Youth Worship” Sundays, and younger children and teens will participate in worship leadership on those Sundays!

This exciting format was developed after much prayerful conversation, with our core values and the needs of our members in mind.

We pray that it blesses us all!


Pastor Molly