09/01/2019   I truly enjoy the August days when windows pop open and hint-of-fall breezes bustle the curtains and freshen the entire home.  Kitties sit on the sills, long for hunts, wild runs on the green lawns, and scratchy-clawed climbs into the wonder of swaying branches in the heights of trees.  A few yellow leaves flit with gusts, entice perked ears and tail twitches until each settles.  Whenever I pull my chair up to type, cat Nani must be next to me, always ready to help with a tap or two to create ingenious words and challenge my creativity.  With the open pane she is content today to just enjoy purred inhales and wind in the fur.

In my browse for thinks, I came across a Celtic blessing that pretty much captures the gist of God’s creation, a bit of His plan despite His lack of mention in the words.  No, I don’t claim a Druid faith, but I can enjoy the words of others that bring home the love that can exist:

May the strength of the wind and

the light of the sun,

The softness of the rain and

the mystery of the moon

Reach you and fill you.

May the beauty delight you and

happiness uplift you.

May wonder fulfill you and

love surround you.

May your step be steady and

your arm be strong.

May your heart be peaceful and

your word be true.

May you seek to learn,

may you learn to live.

May you live to love, and

may you love – always.

My nephew, Pastor Timothy, serving St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Ulm, Minnesota, wrote in God’s Word for You The Gospel According to John:

We must never place our own words, our own ideas, or our own opinions above

God’s word.  The light of Jesus Christ is not something we discover from within

ourselves to be put into words with our own understanding of the world.  The

light of Jesus Christ is only to be found in these Holy Scriptures, which are our

witnesses to the light, the true light that gives light..(20).

According to Tim, a Bible historian, John’s ministry began in the fall of 25AD.  A new Roman governor would soon arrive in Jerusalem – Pontius Pilate.  The “light of the world” was coming, “in fact already there.”  Jesus was working at His earthly father’s trade as a carpenter (Mark 6:3) and the “time was almost right” (20).  Our salvation.

The words of the blessing, the lines in Pastor Tim’s writing give me the hope and assurance of a better time and the closure for my writings.  I must think about my words and my opinions, have been thinking very deeply about them.  I came back to faith in a weekend walk with Christ, a weekend of hearing the scriptures, living the scriptures, and coming to know I am never alone.  Not by my own reason or strength, but in and through the truth of the Bible.

Hair tickles across my forehead, Nani             taps the space bar.  I think of sitting on a low branch and leaning – hands folded behind my head – against the main trunk’s rough bark.  Content – the settling of life’s August threads through the leaves.

submitted by Dave Smith