Dave Smith


Our days come and slip away, end often in thoughts of “what did I do, where did I go – did the sun shine?  We gaze out windows and face a world of turmoil.  Politically, the politically correct world doesn’t seem to allow us to Jesus speak, to pray, to nurture our children. The new-to-choose leaders don’t seem to offer much knee bending and folding hands as an option to right the mess of our country.  Floods roll and wash, homes and crops and livelihoods swept into currents of tears and mud-rushed waste.  The homeless man on the corner stands, tattered and hoping for a generosity, a good Samaritan who might touch his hunger.  Terror rules each day and our flag becomes dishrag for the angry, floor mat for the protestors. Respect dies, love dies, honor hides, and we cry.  Hope disappears.  We have made our hope depend on others. We rely on others to reach and give that better way to us, the way we perhaps once had. We talk of walls and wrestle with LGBT, abortion, lives that matter and mistrust just about everyone and everything.  Somebody please help us – you are out there. Stand up and make our world a better place. You can, Dave…. You can, Don…. You can, Pastor….

Rain dribble drips on my precious squirrels.  One digs at the base of a gnarled, dying pine, then buries the mouthed treasures for days coming. The effort matters, not the matted fur and the risky scurry back across the yard.  Hawks do fly-bys now and again, just checking for a quick repast. Several chipmunks join, an amazing share of space and food.  A small chippie stands as if to shout, “I matter!” and none notice so he returns to cheek filling and darting.  They seem to have the message we miss.  Hope?  Starts from INSIDE. Hope begins with recognition of a great God Whose Holy Spirit lies within if we but open our hearts.  How can we expect others to reach out to us if WE fail to bend a knee and reach out to our God?  Then, as disciples, reach out to our suffering world?

Yep, a hard thing to just dump it all at the cross, say, “Here ya go Lord, fix this.”  The key truly isn’t in the dump.  The key lies in the belief, the FAITH that in so doing, good will come.  Oh, maybe not the way WE want it to come, but God’s loving answer will come.  I sincerely believe that, I truly trust that, and I pray each day for that.  I have presented a lot of words on pages over the past months.  In that, I have learned greatly.  Speaking faith builds my own.  I write lines and the response gives me love and hope.  And I believe the Holy Spirit gives me words that in some way help others.  Maybe one finds God’s touch in a cardinal fleeting past a window, perhaps another sees a shape in the cumulus billow above, and with good fortune, maybe one senses the touch of an angel – that dearly departed one’s perfume or the hint of that tinkled laughter, faint, but real.


We must recognize His presence every moment we have. In so doing, we will know hope and find His PEACE.   I feel more every day that our country, our people, our world approaches a precipice.  A bridge won’t be available to cross it, a man or woman won’t be present to find another way.  Down the jagged, crag laden hollow lies mystery, an unknown of danger, hopelessness and death.  Some will shout “This way” and others will cry, “No, not me, I must…”  Many, many will give up knowing the tumult chasing from behind offers nothing but more angst and agony.  I think of those who leapt from the WTC towers, choosing any miniscule hope as better than staying, likely praying “God forgive me, but I must…”  I also think of an aged example, a metaphor for faith and belief.  A man stood on a cliff, sure death to leap and sure death to stay as a grizzly bear fast approached.  “God, please help me” he prayed.  “Save me from death.”

God replied, “Do you believe?”

“Of course I do Father.  All my life I have had faith in only You.”

“Then you are saved my son.  In faith, step off the edge.”   Faith truly is a step, a step into acceptance of what is, what we face – our journey – and in prayer, knowing that God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has a way for us that ends in heaven, a way filled with His love – and hope.