Sending News from Patanumbe to Chris Peterson. My brother in Christ many greetings from my family and people of Patanumbe. I must apologize for not responding on time your e-mail. I have to meet and see what we can do with the money you want to send to us, actually we received 1000 dollar from September 2016 it stayed long in the Diocese and we took them last month. We did not get the copy of letter that shows you have sent money to us and therefore we can make a follow up.

Yes we are using such amount in girls hostel ,putting glasses to the windows, lime in rooms ready for painting ,punch in walls out side, clear floor and so on. If you send such amount we expect to buy beds, double beds in one i.e up and down normally used in schools for all rooms. They are expensive. I do not know if will be enough for finishing Pastors office as well .I hope to send some photos to you showing what we did for the money BUT really we need your support this time because people have no food ,no harvest, some family get only one meal per day, in the schools the same. I do not know what will happen if it will not rain this month. The price of one bag of stable food maize is 80000 tsh. normally is 40000 to 50000 tsh..May be if Sue come in February it will be more than that if it will not rain. Sometimes the Parish can not pay salaries even our school. We need your prayers.

Despite of all people are happy for the coming X-mass,. This time people celebrate confirmations for their kids. Here and there songs choirs Normally parents should buy new clothes for their kids and some gifts. Thank you so much ,Please greet Denise from Lillian and she is waiting her to Tanzania again. AGAIN THANK YOU CHRIS FOR INVITING ME AGAIN IN US SEPTEMBER NEXT YEAR, HOW WONDERFUL WILL IT BE FOR ME TO MEET MY SISTER AND BROTHERS IN CHRIST AT VERNON. LET US CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THAT AND IN GOD WE WILL MEET EACH OTHER.

Thank you so much, Rev Zakayo Pallangyo

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