Lutheran Social Services 

March Mission of the Month

The Missions Team appreciates very much your generosity to Lutheran Social Services was our Mission of Month in March. Below is a sample of the work this organization has done recently. With our generous church benevolence of $1,000 and any additional private donations from our members we could have been part of this wonderful goal.

A Shower of Generosity

Gifts of all sizes, including those from congregations like yours, help deliver resources as essential as a shower to the people who need them most. Thanks for being our partners in meeting basic needs for vulnerable people.

The Off the Square Club in downtown Madison helps people cope with homelessness and/or mental illness, providing hot meals, laundry facilities, crisis counseling and
connections to many other services. But, there is something this LSS resource center doesn’t have: a shower. And, the cost of adding an accessible shower facility is $60,000. As reporter Chris Rickert wrote in a recent Wisconsin State Journal article, a hot shower is “one of those basic needs people with homes take for granted, but can be a daily hassle for the homeless…” Generous gifts recently brought the Off the Square Club to its $60,000 Shower Project fundraising goal; and, donations continue to come in, which will go a long way to helping the club maintain and improve other facilities and services.

Thank you,

Carol Mainwaring

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