Many Hats — Dave Smith

Before the early service last Sunday, I decided a brief sit by the fireplace might perk up my morning.  Karen Raht Hill came softly into my think with “Hi Dave.”  Her quiet voice and customary gentleness immediately called up a smile.  She handed me an envelope.  “A couple weeks ago you wrote about Thanksgiving and good things in your article.  Judy Schlitt gave you the ideas.  Here’s something you can maybe use when you’d like….” And she moved off to the sanctuary.  Outside a robin’s chirp and an overhead sandhill crane echoed the warm spell of early March. The flash of fireplace flames slow-roasting my side added to the warmth of this missive from Karen.  I hoped the idea of members providing memories and thoughts of ‘the good times’ at VELC took continued root.  Judy’s seedling had its first shoot.

Karen wrote about “Those who enhance our worship times with sunny smiles, flowers, breads, and music – [they] dissolve the walls and help bring God’s creation wonder indoors!”  I espied Jackie wearing one of her very comfortable hats, made a quick connection to what Karen said.  Many members don a variety of them to get the jobs done around our faith home.  She noted, “Lawn mowers, gardeners, tree cutters, carpenters, painters, and all wear their own professional or hobby ‘hats’ to give time and talent to our church.  We are able to present our Lord’s cared for church to the community and they are happy to do the work.  Their hats kind of take on a glow!”  I knew when I worked as custodian I found great peace in moving about the building, found a “spirit” alive and well here.  The same holds true in mowing – I’m sure all the mowers find at least a bit of that in the trips around the yard.  Karen went on to say, “When Annette and her team give their heart and hands to the Lord’s work of making others feel love and care – listen carefully!  You may hear a special ‘flutter.’”

One really does not need to look far to see application of “God’s work, Our hands.”  The farewell meal for Pastor Molly provided a most recent example – the early confirmation, first communions, and baptisms all on one Sunday didn’t ‘just happen.’  Prayers bring weekly petitions on behalf of so many – my brothers and myself included in recent weeks and months.  Our sister parish in Tanzania benefits from coffee sales and an auction.  The list grows and grows.  I leave it to more of you to add to it, to provide content for my texts messaged each Sunday.  The great reminders warm hearts and will bring us back together as we gather to begin the next path of VELC life.

I ended this way in my think as I rose for service.  Not only do we realize God’s work, Our hands, but also we must accept God’s journey, Our feet.  If we remember and continue to apply the good – purposely let go of the bad, once and for all time, we will all enjoy each step that becomes a confidently assured stride towards God’s way.  Thank you, Karen and Judy, for getting the ball rolling, for “tossing your hats in the ring” of sing of the good times.