1. Hospitality Center

May Mission of the Month

Our mission this month comes from a partnership that Shari and the 2015 Mission Trippers made in Minnesota. Some of us went to the Hospitality School and helped with under privileged students at a summer school. We took the initiative to find out how we could help them in the future. Shari met with Sue, head of the program, and came up with a few ideas. Then we meet with our Mission of the Month team and asked about partnering up with them for their summer program this year and it was a go.

We will be collecting from those who would like to donate. We are asking for single packs of Little Goldfish Snacks and Fruit Snacks. Only 2 items. If you want to make a cash donation and don’t want to shop Shari and the team will be going back to Minnesota to deliver the donations and we are more than will to shop.

It is wonderful to see what a connection our Youth are making with them.

We are very proud to represent Vernon as the Youth of our congregation. Not only are we living our core values of Caring Relationship, Mission Focus and make Life Long Faith Friends. We were living these core values before they became Vernon’s very own values.

We thank you over and over again for your support. We can not do this alone. Please continue to touch the hearts of others every day. A smile can go many miles. Thanks Shari.

Please visit Hospitality House Youth Development for more info.


June Update: 

Thank you for your donations to the Hospitality House of Minnesota.
The Mission Trippers Ali & Lizi, Haley, Jamie, Katie and Shari will be taking a road trip back to Minnesota on the 23 of June to delivery the Goldfish and the Fruit Snacks to the Hospitality House. We are looking forward to sharing our Caring Relationship with our Life Long Faith brothers and sisters as we stay Mission Focused. We are very happy that you share our excitement. Mission Trippers of 2015!!