Holy Currencies

A way to think about a church’s mission

and the sustainability of the ministries of the community.


Currency of Relationship

Pastor Mark Thompson preached on June 25, 2017 using the Biblical passage of Matthew 10:24ff. In reference to Jesus’ teachings, the missional currency of relationships was described. Jesus, using some language that is harsh and hard to understand or even listen to, says that our relationships need to be honest and in line with the calling on each of our lives from God. We then use our relationships with each other to promote the mission of the church, and the expectations of God. An example of this was the recent interactions of congregations and individuals of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, through the currency of relationship with Breaking the Chains congregation. 24 flats of flowers were donated, then planted at a Wisconsin Department of Corrections facility in Milwaukee.

Rev. Eric Law, an Episcopal priest and noted author and teacher, describes the Currency of Relationship this way in his book, Holy Currencies, and through his work with the Kaleidoscope Institute (kscopeinstitute.org) in Los Angeles:

Internal and external networks of mutually respectful connections that leaders/members of a church/ministry have. Internal connections include constructive relationships among members/leaders, area churches/ministries of the same affiliation, area denominational organizations and national and international denominational structures. External connections include constructive relationships with non-members, different racial/cultural/ethnic groups in the neighborhood, people with resources and people in need in the community, civic community leaders, ecumenical/ interfaith partners, community and civic organizations, and local businesses.

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