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Currency of Gracious Leadership

Pastor Mark Thompson preached on June 18, 2017 using the Biblical passage of Matthew 9:35ff. In reference to Jesus’ teachings, the missional currency of gracious leadership was described. Jesus, throughout the Gospel stories we have inherited, displays what some call ‘radical hospitality.’ Jesus is so welcoming of the stranger; so willing to denounce public rules which hurt or demean people; and so often displays compassion for others.  This currency of Gracious Leadership is helpful when people find themselves engaging in social issues and dialogue which bring us to the edge of our own ‘fear zones.’

Rev. Eric Law, an Episcopal priest and noted author and teacher, describes the Currency of Gracious Leadership this way in his book, Holy Currencies, and through his work with the Kaleidoscope Institute (kscopeinstitute.org) in Los Angeles:

The ability to use skills, tools, models and processes to create gracious environments (Grace Margin) within which mutually respectful “relationships” and the discernment of the “truth” across differences can be built internally, among existing members, and externally, with non-members. Differences can be racial/ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, political affiliation or just church members and folks in the neighborhood.

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