Mt. Meru Coffee Project: Social & Economic Justice

Vernon is dedicated to supporting the Mt. Meru coffee project. The project’s mission is to develop and grow justice -based relationships, building on fair prices and practices between the Meru coffee growers and coffee consumers.

The Mt. Meru coffee project’s objectives are to encourage Economic and Social Justice – empowering the small coffee farmer and the people of the Meru region with the capacity to improve their standard of living.

Economic Justice is achieved when the Project provides producing farmers with a fair price for their high quality coffee. A fair price provides a sustainable farm income and boosts local farm village economies.

Social Justice in achieved when Project generated funds are used to upgrade coffee growing practices, improve processing facilities and equipment, and provide short term micro loan services for the small coffee farmers. A fair price allows the farmer to support their families with dignity, send their children to school, access and pay for health care, and have funds needed to improve agricultural practices.

Help Local Families at the Mukwonago Food Pantry

Ongoing Mission: Mukwonago Food Pantry

Vernon is committed to supporting our local community. With that goal in mind, we have designated the Mukwonago Food Pantry as an ongoing mission.
Non-perishable food and paper products can be dropped outside the church office during regular office hours of Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm.  Please consider bringing a donation with you as you attend our Sunday services.
The Mukwonago Food Pantry’s mission is to provide food and support to individuals and their families and to facilitate their development. We maintain that all individuals and families should have adequate food for their needs and that no one in the communities we serve should be allowed to sacrifice nutrition regardless of their circumstances. We are a resource providing direct on site programs that focus on helping recipients to overcome the obstacles that led them to seek help. Services and resources offered by other agencies that will aid our clients are offered on an as needed basis.
Visit their website for more information on the Mukwonago Food Pantry and the Mukwonago Resource Center or call 262-363-3452.