There will be a Follow the Son Craft Fair committee meeting on Monday, March 7, 2016 at 7:00pm at the church. We will be discussing the continuing of the Craft Fair event.

First and foremost, we need HELP!!! In 2015, Vernon’s Follow the Son Craft Fair celebrated its 20th year! In order for the Follow the Son Craft Fair to continue in 2016, we are in need of people to help on the committee in the planning and hosting of this event. Three other areas specifically need help (no experience needed)…treasurer, organizer, and the kitchen area. If we cannot find additional people to help with this event, the Craft Fair will have to be cancelled. Hopefully we will not have to go to this extreme.

craft soap

The funds that are raised from the Vernon Follow the Son Craft Fair are donated to our church and community. The Craft Fair donates $100 to each and every Vernon Mission of the Month. We also donate to other areas of our church. So far this year, we have given funds to Vernon’s Cemetery committee for the cemetery’s upkeep, the Altar Guild for candles, the Youth Group for their Mission trip, Vernon’s maintenance fund, the Caring Hearts and Hands committee to buy yarn, and, of course, two Missions of the Month – Children’s Hospital and Mukwonago Food Pantry. Also, the Craft Fair is self -funded. We do not need to draw any money from Vernon’s budget. We use the money that was raised from the Craft Fair to run the following year’s fair. By January all bills are paid. In February the committee gets together and budgets for the next craft fair and discusses our church and community donations.

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Again, if we cannot get the help we need for the committee to continue the Follow the Son Craft Fair, the event will have to be cancelled. This decision needs to be made at this March 7th meeting as our vendors will have to be notified in March.

Please join us on Monday, March 7th for more information and save our Follow the Son Craft Fair! If you should have any questions, please contact Deb Fredlund at 262-363-8323.