Report from Jim Ladoux of Vibrant Faith about our Congregation

By Pastor Molly

A CORE Report is a brief summary of how your coach views your ministry setting. It’s his/hers interpretation of what is and what’s occurring in your congregation. The report highlights Celebrations, Observations, Reflections and Expressions.

Expressions are tangible ways your congregation can move forward by either STARTing or STOPping certain behaviors or to KEEP doing what is leading to transformation. This report was updated March of 2016.



Numerous people are invested in the ongoing well-being of the congregation.
I’m delighted with the work leaders have done to enhance the congregation’s over-all hospitality and the continued emphasis on welcoming guests and befriending one another.
The identification and promotion of core values has helped provide clarity about the direction and uniqueness of the congregation.

The decision to participate in the Generosity Project will be a huge step forward for developing a comprehensive vision and plan for stewardship.

The work that’s being done on the updating website, selecting a new logo and re-branding the church will help the congregation present itself to the community in a very positive way. New letterhead and and an update to the newsletter format to also provide brand consistency across all communication platforms.

The church’s Facebook page has been well received and seems to be growing as a tool to build community among members and celebrate the good things that are happening at Vernon.
Staff and ministry team goals are leading to increased intentionality, collaboration and positive energy.

Having the mortgage paid off is a great plus. Giving has been consistent.



The past year has been one of significant transitions, particularly in the areas of staffing and hospitality.

There seems to be significant positive energy right now due to the increase of new members, vibrant worship, Shari serving as the youth director, the implementation of the core values, and hospitality initiatives.

There are a number of new people stepping up to the plate and willing to help.



I’m delighted to see how much has happened in just over 12 months. People are taking ownership, the youth group is growing, and membership is growing!

Work seems to be increasingly shared among all members. Key individuals have played significant roles in making things happen around hospitality, core values, etc.

I sense that having a clearer sense of congregational identity is helping create a hopeful, positive mindset.

God is at the center of your work and conversations. The Spirit is up to something at Vernon.

The inertia I experienced when I first began working with Vernon seems to have greatly dissipated. There’s a new energy and momentum that wasn’t present a year ago.

I’m delighted that leaders are willing to try new things and are setting the stage for increased growth and momentum, embracing new initiatives such as the Gen-erosity Project.



KEEP sharing your stories with each other about connecting life and faith.
Wonder what God is up to!

KEEP reinforcing your core values in as many ways as possible.

KEEP thinking bigger and bolder. Your work around hospitality, communication, and stewardship is paying off!

STOP thinking that “good enough” is good enough. Pursue excellence in all
facets of ministry.

START creating an Annual Leadership Planning Calendar and start setting annual goals for staff/teams.

START reviewing progress on annual goals at Council meetings once a quarter.

START thinking about other key messages you wish to reinforce, using all
available communication platforms.