That one thing, that one car really loved and now long passed into personal history.  One that for sure should have been a keeper – the ’68 ‘Vette convertible with full-on power from a 427/435HP big block and a Muncie trannie.  Or the just right home left behind in a marital mess, just the right size for a nowadays life – big yard, no steps, a couple bedrooms and a three-season back porch.  That job so enjoyed, but lost to poor choices or necessary moves.  Maybe the girl or guy that “got away.”  A deceased loved one or friend.  The fresh cut, wood project sawing, gluing, and finishing – the planning and, of course, countless remeasuring.  Empty spots in various church pews.  A didn’t-have-the-courage lost opportunity…Yes, a person could get pretty wrapped up in the should-a’s, did not’s, wish I had nots of life.  Dug into some of these ideas as I ate a favorite breakfast, one my cats had not met and so left me to a more peaceful repast sans the belly low slink from the far end of the table.

Fresh, in-season peaches carefully selected from the roadside stand in Michigan and just as carefully carted home. Breakfast began with the outer skin thinly peeled off and the peach evenly sliced into a bowl.  Juice dribbled off my hand, fresh bread toaster-popped and scenting the kitchen while awaiting the swatch of to-be-melted butter.  Just the right amount, remembered from the old farm days, of sugar sprinkle, enough to create slightly more juice later dabbed up with the last bits of toast.  Of course, absolutely, each slice must be placed atop an area of not quite melted butter, then delightfully bitten, enjoyed in a squishy euphoria of “man, this is livin’.”  Quite a bit better as a change from Nani and Taz shared Frosted Flakes – Tony the Tiger can become mundane on occasions such as this.  A small sheet of Bounty paper towel took care of the chin-joy drip.


Does not take a lot of think to realize I have a great deal of bounty no matter what my condition of the moment might be.  Yesterday I had water, three meals, snacks I should not indulge, and a much forbidden 12 ounce can of “Dew”.  Over the past two days my son and I drove over 800 miles to move my daughter from Ashland to Milwaukee, my truck ‘Ben’ happily tugging the U Haul and soaking up gas replaced at ever-present stations.  Family met us to move Rosie into the new place on Prospect Avenue amidst lots of chat with folks moving out.  The 5th floor view of Lake Michigan brought memories of Cocoa Beach flitting with the sprinkles of an oncoming storm as we finished up.  The kids didn’t seem to have much really, but as Rosie said, “we don’t need anything.  Keep it simple, enjoy what we have.”  Their bounty.

The generations get pretty wrapped up in “I need…” and “I want…”, too often forgetting God’s plentiful provision already held.  We overlook the habitual meals, drives, clothing, water, and “stuff” bulging our lives – perhaps until we see a Haiti disaster or bother to look at a homeless person pushing the shopping cart of his or her life belongings.  As a Christian community we do what we can, we reach out to Patanumbe Parish or the Food Pantry – we send prayers and often join mission trips or make personal journeys.  Share our bounty.  Share our talent, our time.  And prayerfully, our sincere and soul felt care.

I dipped the corner of toast, got the juice remnant, and thank God for this moment of food He provided. I saw the roll of paper towels was just about used up.  Time to replace, get some more Bounty and, Lord willing, remember in its pick from the shelf, to maybe swing by the Pantry and drop off some extras.

submitted by Dave Smith