April Mission of the Month—- Little Buddies Rescue

dog rescue

Our mission is to help the Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue located at 828 Perkins Drive in Mukwonago. This is a non-profit rescue who depends on volunteer staff. They have new dogs coming in and adoptions going out every week. Many of their dogs and puppies come from Animal Control and puppy mills. Their mission is to take in these animals and get them back on their feet so they can be adopted and cared for dearly. Many of these dogs need veterinary care, socialization, or even some plain old love and affection.

Their staff is limited here at the Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue and are in need of volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering, there are opportunities to walk dogs, clean cages, foster, and play with puppies. During the month of April, we will be collecting towels, blankets, paper towel, laundry detergent, newspapers, and dog toys for the rescue. Monetary donations will go towards building upkeep, surgeries for dogs in need, and veterinary wellness exams.

I know we have a full house with two kids, two cats, and one dog. But as humans, we are so lucky to be given the unconditional love from our animals. God was right when he placed them on Earth for many people, they are our companions through the good times and hard times.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting a dog, more information can be found on their website bichonrescues.com. Remember, these animals need loving homes as much as we need their love.

Brittany Kreger


June Update:

Thank you to all who donated to the Mission of the Month in April!

The Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue was very touched when they received all monetary donations, newspapers, towels, laundry deter-gent, cleaning supplies, and dog treats and toys. These items keep the rescue going! Thank you for your generosity! If you are interested in adopting or volunteering please contact the rescue! Also, thank you to Pastor Molly for the Blessing of the Animals! It was a wonderful opportunity and we hope to continue it next year! I am glad everyone enjoyed this mission and it was my pleasure to be a part of it.

Brittany Kreger